Natural, Healthy, & Rested

Enhance Yourself with New Creation MediCosmetic Centre

“You are a masterpiece. My greatest joy is revealing that work of art - to you and to the world.” - Dr. I. P. Kelada-Sedra

New Creation MediCosmetic Centre unites a skilled team of aesthetic, medical and nursing staff to help patients to rediscover themselves. There is an irreplaceable sense of satisfaction and serenity that comes with loving the reflection in the mirror. The New Creation team helps patients to rediscover that joy by restoring a look that is natural, healthy and rested. Altogether, it’s the look and sense of wellness.

With more than thirty years of medical and surgical experience and a lifelong love of beauty, Dr. I.P. Kelada-Sedra founded New Creation to rejuvenate individuals from the outside in. “Physical blemishes can cloud our vision of ourselves, eroding emotional and mental well-being. No one should feel like less than the work of art that they are,” says Dr. Kelada-Sedra. She has practiced one mantra since August 2004, when she first opened the doors of New Creation: “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

At New Creation, Dr. Kelada-Sedra and her team work to restore each patient’s sense of wellness. Contact the clinic today for your complimentary consultation.